About Whole Hemp


Whole Hemp Organics (WHO) is a new venture by a group of experienced Canadian hemp entrepreneurs. We have been in the hemp business in Canada since 1995 and have brought a number of hemp products, both domestically produced and imported, to market over the last two decades. Over this time we have also been working developing new hemp varieties (ESTA-1, CanMa and GranMa so far with more to come) that we sell to farmers across Canada.

So, why WholeHemp?

First off we wanted to focus on products made with organically grown Canadian hemp. Second, with new Cannabis regulations just around the corner, the Canadian hemp industry is in its next stage of evolution and we wanted to develop a brand that was focused on all of the benefits of the hemp plant, not just those that have been allowed up to now. We believe that these changes are beneficial to the customer and will support farmers. Canadian farmers already grow more than 100,000 acres of hemp annually and we think with the new regulations, this is just the beginning.

What’s different?

In the Federal Government’s new proposed Cannabis regulations, for the first time since hemp was legalized in 1998 hemp farmers will be able to harvest and sell the whole plant. Up until now, the only products from the hemp plant that could be harvested were the fibre and the grain (seeds). Nutritious and delicious hemp seeds have been the driver of the growth in production over the past 20 years, but with the new regulations hemp will also be able to be harvested for its CBD content. Although we are launching WholeHemp with a range of organic hemp seed products, we are planning on launching our line of WholeHemp CBD products as soon as the new regulations come into force.

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