WholeHemp's roots are deep – they stretch back to 1995 when we started our first hemp business. For well over 25 years, we have been involved in the Canadian hemp industry through our businesses, organizations we have started and support and a variety of research programs. We launched Pure Hemp rolling papers to the North American market back in 1997 (and Pure Hemp cones in 2020!) and grew our first hemp crop in 1998.


In those early days we founded the Ontario Hemp Alliance which later merged with other provincial organizations into the Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance (CHTA). From 1999-2001 we were honoured to partner with Dr. Ernie Small of Agriculture Canada (who was recently awarded the Order of Canada for his cannabis research) on a three-year research project where we grew and analyzed 180 different international cannabis strains. That project led to the start of a hemp breeding program in 2000 with partner PhytoGene Resources and we currently have five varieties of hemp listed on Health Canada's List of Approved Cultivars.

In the intervening years we started researching CBD and realized that hemp was the ideal source of this amazing cannabinoid. With the CHTA we successfully lobbied the Federal Government to include hemp-based CBD in the new cannabis regulations and incorporated our latest cannabis venture ABIDE to bring high quality whole plant hemp CBD products to Canadian consumers. We like to tell it like it is: WholeHemp.



One of our core beliefs at WholeHemp is to be stewards of the environment and promote the benefits of living in co-operation with the land. Growing hemp is environmentally friendly as hemp plants are naturally hardy and resistant to pests. All our Hemp is sun grown outdoors. Over 100,000 acres of hemp are grown annually across Canada, all outdoors without the extra costs (financial and environmental) of growing indoors or in a greenhouse.

Whole Hemp
Whole Hemp

Another environmental advantage is that all parts of the hemp plant can be used. Flowers are used for CBD, seeds are a nutritious health food and stalks are used for their exceptionally strong natural fibre. All our products are grown and manufactured locally reducing our carbon footprint.

WholeHemp products are packaged in sustainable packaging – glass jars and zip pouches instead of plastic containers. Our hope for the future is that environmentally friendly options and practices become the norm instead of the alternative.


There are few plants that can boast as many uses and properties as hemp. One of the most remarkable is CBD. Hemp is Cannabis with less than 0.3% THC, but is naturally high in CBD (cannabidiol). We source only locally grown premium high CBD flower. WholeHemp products are full spectrum, whole plant CBD products which contain not only CBD but other trace cannabinoids and terpenes which together have a synergistic effect commonly known as the entourage effect.

We are a Health Canada Licensed Cannabis Processor and our mission is to produce the highest quality whole plant CBD products. Canadian Cannabis regulations are strict, but the benefit is that they give customers the peace of mind that regulated (legal) CBD products test free of pesticides, heavy metals and micro biological contaminants and the CBD content on the label is verified by a certified lab. It's a system that puts quality first.

To sum it all up, when you purchase WholeHemp products, you can buy with the confidence that you are supporting environmentally friendly local famers and manufacturers with decades of knowledge and the strictest levels of quality.

Whole Hemp



We value the process that goes into perfecting a craft. There are no short cuts to learning by experience, practice and dedication. In this way, all WholeHemp products are artisanal. All our hemp is craft grown locally by a select group of tremendously talented and hard-working women. WholeHemp products are made exclusively with natural, botanical ingredients that you recognize when reading the labels. They are hand produced in small batches locally by us to ensure the highest standards are met. It's not about maximizing efficiencies and economies of scale, it's all about bringing the highest quality full spectrum CBD products directly to you.






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